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Independent Professional Instructor - Dave Garski
Go To Lessons offers fun, private, professional, affordable beginner and intermediate guitar and bass guitar lessons in your home, office or studio. All lessons are 60 minutes once a week for most areas of Central Florida. (Not all areas of Central Florida are scheduled).
Serving Orlando and Central Florida since 1996.
Rates available as of December 27, 2014 (Subject to change without notice).
All payments due must be made in full. No exceptions. Thank-you.
Minimum age acceptance for all students is 11 years old. No exceptions.
I do not instruct "Classical" or "Spanish/Flamenco" or "Metal" guitar lessons. Lessons are designed for "Beginners" and "Intermediate" students only.
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What you get for your money…

A one-hour lesson once each week is the standard for most instructors and students for almost all instruments. For the instructor, that one hour is only part of a bigger picture. Consider logistical scheduling. The instructor you hire to teach you how to practice and play your instrument is taking the time to drive a vehicle to your house at a time and day that is convenient to your schedule. That drive may take upwards of an hour or more, depending on your location. That drive also includes the fuel, wear and tear and maintenance of the vehicle and the numerous tolls on the roadway inter-system. Your instructor is committed to all of this as part of the job. Commitment is required from both the student and the instructor.

When you pay for your lessons, you are paying for the years of experience, dedication and commitment from your instructor, to teach to you the proper techniques in practicing your instrument, how to play and enjoy what you practice by learning the art of music. Your instructor is a professional and treats every lesson as an opportunity to help each student grow musically. You can hire a contract plumber or carpenter to come to your home to fix a clogged drain or build an addition to your home. They are there to do a job, a job you hired them for. Most contract workers are courteous and friendly. In hiring a private music instructor, you can assume that he or she is a friendly individual who has your best interests in mind.

Your instructor has bills to pay too. Your instructor has chosen the life of teaching all that he or she knows, and to share the experience of learning the art of music with you. It takes a long time to learn any art form. If you are considering taking lessons, keep in mind that you are asking the instructor you chose, to be available to bring all he or she has learned about their art form, to your home, to teach you how to play and enjoy your instrument, no matter what it is. Instructors rates are designed to be competitive, reasonably affordable and fair. Most musicians and teachers do not make a lot of money in what they do. For them, it is about the teaching, the learning and the dedication. Good work is not cheap. Cheap work is not good.

Dave Garski 

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