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Independent Professional Instructor - Dave Garski
Guitar Lessons Orlando offers fun, private, professional, affordable beginner and intermediate guitar and bass guitar lessons in your home, office or studio. Serving Orlando and Central Florida since 1996.
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Hello, and welcome to Guitar Lessons Orlando. My name is Dave Garski. I am a private guitar and bass guitar instructor.
All lessons are done in the convenience and comfort of the home of the student.

Each lesson is one-hour in length, once each week. The standard monthly rate (4 lessons) is $220.00.
Lessons are scheduled logistically and by availability.
(Not all areas of Central Florida are scheduled).

Lessons are scheduled by availability in the afternoon and evening hours Monday through Friday.

Please explore the rest of my website for any questions you may have on rates, scheduling, and cancellation policies.
Please look around and contact me if you have any questions.

Thank-you for your time,

Dave Garski
(407) 252-8460

Serving Orlando/Central Florida since 1996
Guitar Lessons Orlando
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Rates available as of December 10, 2015 (Subject to change without notice). All payments due must be made in full. No exceptions. Thank-you.
Minimum age acceptance for all students is 11 years old. No exceptions. I do not instruct "Classical" or "Spanish/Flamenco" or "Metal" guitar lessons.
Lessons are designed for "Beginners" and "Intermediate" students only.
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