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Independent Professional Instructor - Dave Garski
Go To Lessons offers fun, private, professional, affordable beginner and intermediate guitar and bass guitar lessons in your home, office or studio. All lessons are 60 minutes once a week for most areas of Central Florida. (Not all areas of Central Florida are scheduled).
Serving Orlando and Central Florida since 1996.
Rates available as of November 9, 2014 (Subject to change without notice) I do not schedule "Trial" lessons. All payments due must be made in full. No exceptions. Thank-you. Minimum age acceptance for all students is 11 years old. No exceptions. I do not instruct "Classical" or "Spanish/Flamenco" or "Metal" guitar lessons. Lessons are designed for "Beginners" and "Intermediate" students only.
Four (4) One-Hour Lessons
One Month Rate
No Free Cancellations
Eight (8) One-Hour Lessons
Two Month Rate
One (1) Free Cancellations
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Three Month Rate
Thirteen (13) One-Hour Lessons
Two (2) Free Cancellations
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Twenty-six (26) One-Hour Lessons
One (1) Free Cancellations
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Four (4) Free Cancellations
Twelve Month Rate
Fifty-two (52) One-Hour Lessons
Orlando/Central Florida
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Absolutely no "trial" or "single" lessons will be scheduled.